Races of Erathor

Races of Cyro

Cyro is home to mostly humanoid races, whereas other continents are home to more exotic races.

The Humans of Cyro are a varied people, but can be divided into three main culture archetypes. To the west, the Humans are of the Celtic archetype, being of average height, and light to tan skin tones. Their hair and eye colors can be of any common to humans. The Celts revere the Tuatha de Danaan, the Celtic Pantheon, and all their clerics are referred to as Druids, with true Druids being apart of the priestly class. The Celts are further divided into the Picts, the Gaels, and the Britons. To the South, are Humans of Mediterranean archetype. They are of shorter stature than the Celts and are more olive complected. Their hair and eyes tend toward darker colors and the revere the Olymians, the Greek Pantheon. Druids are almost unheard of in this culture. The Mediterraneans can be further divided into the Etruscans, the Hellenes, and the Archaedians. To the North are Humans of the Norse archetype. They are the tallest of the Humans and are the fairest complected, having blonde or red hair most often, and blue eyes being most common. The Norsemen revere the Asgardians, the Norse Pantheon. Druids are as common, if not more common than Clerics, and are known as Shaman. The Norse can be divided further into the Vanir, the Aesir, and the Saxons.

The Elves of Erathor dwell in the forests of Erathor. There are three great kingdoms of elves, but there are many who live in the forests in human lands, living in communities as small as fifty souls. The Elves are divided into five main subraces, the Valinar, the Star Elves are the first and least common of Elves. The Eldar are some of the most common of Elves, and are commonly called High Elves. The Noldar, the Sylvan or Wood Elves, are the other race of Elves common to Cyro, being the more martially minded of Elves. The Wildar or the Wild Elves are much less common, being feral and war-like. The Drow are the cursed race of Elves, being referred to as Dark Elves, they mostly live in the Underdark, but a few have moved to the surface and abandoned their culture. The Elves mostly revere the Seldarine, Elven Pantheon, with Correlon as their chief deity.

The Dwarves of Erathor dwell mostly in the Mountains of Erathor, with a few living in Human lands as traders and ambassadors. The Dwarf Kingdoms are divided into Halls, each ruled by a Dwarf-King. The Halls are united under a High King, called the Mountain King. The Dwarves are divided into three main [Subraces|subraces] of Dwarves, the Hill Dwarves, the most common of Dwarves, the Mountain Dwarves, who are the highest of Dwarves, and the Duergar, the evil dwarves of the Underdark. The Dwarves mostly revere the Khazad, the Dwarven Pantheon, with Moradin as their chief deity.

The Halflings of Erathor live mostly in Human settlements, but there is a significant population of Halflings that live as Nomads in the lands of Erathor. The Nomadic Halflings live in extended family groups and travel in caravans for safety. The Halflings can be divided into three main subraces, the Lightfoots, the Tallfellows, and the Stouts.

The Gnomes of Erathor live primarily in the Gnomish Kingdom of Nebeleben, and are a race of tricksters. The Gnomes are adept at both magic and invention, often creating new spells and machines out of sheer boredom. The Gnomes can be divided into four sub-races, Rock Gnomes, Whisper Gnomes, Tinker Gnomes, and Svirneblin.

Races of Erathor

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