Erathor is home to many organizations, some small and some large, but each with its own purpose and agenda.

The Brotherhood of the Black Rose

The Brotherhood of the Black Rose, despite its dark name, is an order dedicated to the preservation of good in the world. Most initiates of the Brotherhood are spellcasters and so the goals of the order often include the discovery and preservation of knowledge as well as the pursuit of an ever increasing repetoire of magic items and spells. The Brotherhood of the Black Rose holds its base of operations at of Imaldriss, in the nation of Cair Idris. There are several sub-orders of the Brotherhood, each with a specific purpose. Members of the Brotherhood are known by various names, the most common being Magi or Medjai.

The Sacred Congregation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars

The Congregation is a sub-order of the Brotherhood, dedicated the search for knowledge. The initiates of this sub-order are often more concerned with the past or future than the present, and so most members of the Congregation are diviners or clerics with the knowledge domain. Members of the Congregation often study ancient prophesies and are keepers of the Library as Imaldriss.

The Cabal

The Cabal is a sub-order of the Brotherhood dedicated to the collection of magic. They are the crafters of the Brotherhood and spend much of their time researching new spells or creating magic items.

The Gaurdians

The Gaurdians are the most common sub-order of the Brotherhood encountered by the common people. As their name suggests, they protect the world from evil, acting as ambassadors, advisors, and when the need arises, they fight against the evil in the world. The Guardians are the most numerous of the Brotherhood and have the most dangerous power.

The Verbena

The Verbena are the gaurdians of nature, made up of druids, shaman, rangers, barbarians and any others who feel more affinity with the natural world than the civilized world. The Verbena believe nature to be sacred, prizing it above all else and anything that would threaten it must be dealt with swiftly and harshly.


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