Nations and Regions of Erathor

Nations and Regions of Cyro

Cyro is home to many peoples and nations, from the great kingdoms to small forests.

High Kingdom of Prydain

The High Kingdom of Prydain is a federation of Celtic Tribes, each with their own king and army, but all bend their knee to the High King, who leads the Knights of the Round Table. The kingdoms of Prydain are: Dumnonia with its capitol at Caer Cadarn, Kernow with its capitol at Caer Tintagel, Dyfed with its capitol at Caer Myrddin, Demetia with its capitol at Caer Gwyr, Gwynedd with its capitol at Caer Gwynddoleu, Rheged with its capitol at Caer Dunn, Lothian with its capitol at Din Eidyn, Elmet with its capitol at Caer York, Strathclyde with its capitol at Caer Lanark, Powys with its capitol at Caer Sws, Gwent with its capitol at Caer Dolforwyn, and Broceliande with its capitol at Ynys Trebes. The High King holds his home at Caer Cam and the surrounding lands. Ynys Mons is an island off the coast of Prydain. It is the center for Druid learning and is held sacred to the Druids. The Tirisfal Glades are a grove near the Tirisfal Keep where a group of ancient heroes raise orphans, training some of them to become heroes themselves. Bryn Myrddin is a sacred hill to the god of magic and also the home of Merlin Emrys. The Stones are a circle of enormous stones containing powerful and ancient magic.

The Pictlands

Wild forests and hills inhabited by barbarians known as the Picts. The Picts are feral men, elves, and dwarves who have rejected the advances of life in favor of more simple lifestyles. They are fierce in battle, but highly superstitious. They are divided into Totemic Tribes based around the totems of Wolf, Eagle, Elk, Horse, Bear, Boar, and Bull.


The island off the west coast of Cyro, Eire is home to the Gaels, a branch of the Celtic Tribes. Teamhair is the hill of the king, where he administers justice and is the center of learning for Eire. Cruachan’s Cave is thought to be an entrance to the Underworld, and is a site of powerful magic. The Tomb of Kings is the last resting place of the kings of Eire, it is protected by powerful magic and monsters. The Grove of the Green is the main grove of Eire, and is home to a great Rowan Tree that drops berries that lengthens life.


Centuria is a fledgling nation of less than a century, it won independence from the Archaedian Empire under the leadership of a centurian. Centuria stands against the Empire and willingly sends its legions to the aid of any who will fight against Archaedes.

Archaedian Empire

A federation of Hellenistic city-states united under an Emperor. Each city-state within the Empire is ruled by a governor who has control of a legion. The Empire also has a senate, which acts as a legislative arm. The Emperor is protected by the Judges, commanders of the Imperial Knights.


A nation of Norsemen known as Saxons, they are skilled seafarers and thought to be bloodthirsty warriors. The people of Surmaln are very spiritual and look to their Shamans for auguries and guidance. The Dread Marshes are on the borderlands, home to Lizard-Folk and other swamp-dwelling creatures.


A kingdom of Norsemen known as the Aesir who are at near constant war with the Vanir. The Aesir have an alliance with the Gaels and Cymry. The Iceleaf Forest is at the northern border of Idavoll and is home to Arctic Elves.


The most northern kingdom of Cyro, it is home to the Vanir, a tribe of the Norsemen. They are accomplished warriors and live hard lives in the far north. The Chillknife Mountains are home to Arctic Dwarves and monsters. The Skull Mountain is a supposedly haunted place that was once inhabited by a cult to a god of death.


One of the Great Elven Kingdoms, Galacia is in the Eternal Forest and every aspect of life is permeated with magic. Galacia is the greatest of the Elf Kingdoms thus, it is the center of elven civilization. The Vale of Stars is the very center of Galacia, with the Ellcrys being sheltered within the Vale. The Ellcrys is a powerful, sentient tree that provides the Elves with their vast magic.


The smaller of the three Elven Kingdoms, Morcia is in the Dark Forest and is home to the most reclusive of elves and outcasts, including Drow who have rejected the teachings of Llolth. They struggle to survive in these woods against the dark powers that inhabit them.


The most martial of the Elven Kingdoms, Calendria is in the Wild Forest and is home to many war-like elves who do constant battle against the other inhabitants of the forest. The elves of Calendria are the least magically adept of the elves, as their survival depends more on strength and agility than magical power.

Cair Idris

Cair Idris is a nation of spellcasters that grew out of the monastery of Imaldriss, which still functions as the capitol of the nation. Within Imaldriss, there is a massive library containing numerous texts on every subject known to man, as well as the legendary Druid Histories, texts detailing various prophesies and information on magical subjects. There is also a vault, which is protected by many powerful enchantments and contains many powerful magic items. In the deepest part of the Castle Imaldriss is the Well of Magic, a well containing raw magic kept at bay by powerful runes, that when invoked will react unpredictably. The Tower of Dragonan is nearby, where the great wizard dwells with a portal to the Void within his sanctum.

Karok Mountains

A vast mountain range in the northern region of Cyro. The Karok Mountains are home to seven Dwarven Halls as well as several monasteries. At the southern border of the Karok Mountains is Loch Eidolyn, where the spirits of great mages dwell to be called upon by those who know the ritual to grant guidance to the living. The lake is kept by the Lady of the Lake, whose powerful magic protects its waters from the taint of evil.


A theocratic nation within the Sharun Mountains, it is governed by a council of cardinals. Quintia is a place of religious tolerance and study of the divine. The Mountain of Ordeals is a sacred mountain protected by an ancient spirit who can erase peoples transgressions. The Sharun Mountains surround Quintia and is home to three Dwarven Halls.


The Kingdom of the Gnomes, Nebeleben is on a peninsula on the far eastern portion of Cyro. Nebeleben is protected by a fortress on the most narrow portion of the peninsula manned by the Gnome Jihad, a military order dedicated to protecting the Gnomish lands. There are also a significant number of halflings living in Nebeleben.


A nation that now lies in ruins, only the Great City remains intact, but it too is in decay from lack of care. Riath was overrun by monsters two hundred years ago and is now struggling to keep the light of civilization in a sea of darkness. Riath is home to half-breeds mostly, whose quest for acceptance has led them to this land to fend off invading monsters.


A small nation at the southern border of Calendria, Alueria is home to an order of paladins who act as the high protectors of Alueria. The Paladins of Alueria are divided into several factions, but are united under the common purpose of the eratication of evil.


Cyro is dotted with monasteries, where anyone may go to seek an aescetic life, whether it be martial, arcane, or divine. Each monastery has a class that they focus on training, but anyone can be trained at any monastery. The Lledrith Monastery is at the southern tip of Prydain and mostly focuses upon the training of Rangers and Clerics. The Daoine Monastery is at the southern border of Alueria and focuses on the training of Monks. The Cellwair Monastery is on the western coast of Cyro and focuses on the training of Shugenja and Wu Jen. The Meinedd Monastery is located in the Karok Mountains and focuses on the training of Knights. The Hanner Monastery is located in the northern portion of the Karok Mountains and focuses on the training of Psions. The Kyren Temple is on the island of Sarias in the Kyren Mountains and focuses on the training of Martial Adepts. The Auldwyn Monastery is located on the island of Sarias and focuses on the training of the Daggerspell Gaurdians. The Anhardd Monastery is on an island to the south of Cyro and focuses on the training of Warlocks.

The Prairie

The land inhabited by the Halfling Nomads and other nomadic tribes of people. The Prairie is also part of the Wild-Lands, and so the nomads often travel in caravans and fight off the monsters when they attack.

The Wild-Lands

A name given to the unoccupied and frontier territory of Cyro that is inhabited by the fell races and monsters. The Wild-Lands are a part of every nation, where there is not a significant humanoid population, there are monsters to inhabit the land.


Unaffiliated Nations

The Unaffiliated Nations are really city-states that are not a part of any of the five continents.


The Magic City of Vane is a floating city that travels above the world and is powered by ancient magic. Vane is home to the Great Magic Guild, to which all magic guilds not aligned with evil answers to. The City is ruled by the Mage-Lords, each of whom is the guildmaster of a guild on the ground.

The Teghind Archipelago

The Teghind Archipelago are a chain of islands home to the mysterious elemental race of the Teghind. There are four races of the Teghind and they act as the elites of these islands. The Genasi are second-class citizens of these lands but they are not mistreated. The Islands are ruled by the Avatar of Teluithteg, an elemental scion whom Teluithteg has empowered.

Nations and Regions of Erathor

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