Continents of Erathor

There are four main continents of Erathor, with the fifth being hidden from the world.

Cyro, The Western Continent

Cyro is the largest of the continents of Erathor. It is home to many of the races standard to the Dungeons and Dragons game and is based primarily on Dark Age to Medieval Europe. To the West are the Celtic Cultures, the North, Nordic Cultures, and the South, Mediterranean Cultures. The forests of Cyro are home to the Elves, spread throughout the continent. The mountains are home to the Dwarf Kingdoms, which are divided into Halls, each ruled by a king. The Halflings and Gnomes mostly inhabit Human lands, with the Gnomes not living in Human lands having control of a peninsula on the eastern side of Cyro and the Halflings living in nomadic caravans.

Cyro is also dotted with various monasteries and smaller nations not specific to any one race. Around the continent are many islands, with two major islands being Eire to the west and Salsia to the east.

Continents of Erathor

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